Bronze Sand Castings

The art of sand casting dates back over a 1000 years ago. Over the last century much more modern ways of casting, IE: Centrifugal casting and Continuous casting have taken over large segments of the casting market. But still, there are some parts that through their design, must be made as sand castings.

United Bronze specializes in just that. We have been pouring bronze sand castings for almost 100 years. A typical job for us is 1 piece to over 100 pieces and daily we pour castings that weigh 1 pound to 2000 lbs and sometimes larger.

We stock steel flasks up to 84" square and up to 144" in length.

We can develop a pattern from customers blueprint, dimensions or sample casting, and at times we can use the customers sample as a pattern and alleviate the need for a pattern.

Available Alloy Grades

C83450 C83500 C83600 C83700 C83800 C85200 C85400 C85500 C85700 C85800 C86100 C86200 C86300 C86400 C86500 C86700 C86800 C87600 C87800 C90200 C90300 C90500 C90700 C90710 C90800 C90810 C90900 C91000 C91100 C91300 C91600 C91700 C92200 C92300 C92310 C92400 C92410 C92500 C92600 C92610 C92700 C92710 C92800 C92900 C93100 C93200 C93400 C93500 C93600 C93700 C93800 C93900 C94000 C94100 C94300 C94400 C94500 C94700 C94800 C94900 C95200 C95210 C95300 C95400 C95410 C95500 C95600 C95700 C95710 C95800 C95810

Sand Castings

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