Bronze Castings

Non-Ferrous Castings When & How You Need Them

For just-in-time casting and machining of emergency orders, one-piece jobs or large quantities in any size or any shape, depend on United Bronze of Pittsburgh, Inc.

We cast pieces:

  • In 75 different grades
  • In quantities of 1 to 1,000
  • Weighing 5 lbs. to 3,500 lbs.
  • Made of bearing, manganese or naval bronze
  • Roll-forming castings and dies to 364BHN

United Bronze of Pittsburgh, Inc. can also ship emergency castings within 24 hours. We are also distributors of Bar Stock.
Our in-house pattern shop and machine shop enables us to take your job from blueprint to complete finished part. We are also able to assist you in your alloy selection. United Bronze of Pittsburgh will produce your pattern, cast your part and machine the final piece to your specs. And all castings can be supplied with test reports at an additional cost. Our knowledgeable salespeople will be happy to supply more information.

Bronze Alloys

Bronze is a metal compound containing copper and other elements. The term "bronze" was originally applied to an alloy of copper containing tin, but the term is now used to describe a variety of copper-rich material, including aluminum bronze, manganese bronze and silicon bronze. It does not easily break under stress and is corrosion resistant and easy to form into finished shapes by molding, casting, or machining.

Our Markets: Industrial Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers, Transportation, Military, Water Handling/Marine, and More.